quelle surprise


quelle surprise

i wish i could say that my life took a turn for the better in the last 8 months, and that was the reason that i stopped writing. that maybe i got a boyfriend, and i moved out, and suddenly my life was so full that i barely had time to sit down, let alone write.

it didn’t.

no boyfriend, still at home, and no social life to speak of. however, i did buy a new car last october, so it wasn’t all horrible. and i pierced my nose.

truth is, i’m stagnating.

Moss: We’re stagnating!
Roy: You’re making us sound like we’re some sort of old married couple.
Moss: But we are! Can’t you see? You’re my wife, Roy! You’re my wife. You’re my wife! We should be married to ladies, but we’re married to each other! You’re my wife!

here is my question-how is it only thursday?

there are 2 main things that i am currently dealing with in my otherwise stagnated life: my sister is not talking to me, and my boss is selling his business.

i’ve known about the sale for a month and a half now, and i have not put out one. single. resume. not one. and i feel like i’m going to be kicking myself for that come june 1 or july 1, or whenever this shit happens. but i just can’t move on without some closure. i’ve been told that i will be moving to this new company and working from home, but my boss is a big fucking LIAR that i’m not holding my breath. for now, i’m hoping it goes down soon so i’ll get a severance cheque.