i’m bad at weekends

saturday, 2pm

I have a hard time convincing myself to get out of bed on the weekend.

It is currently 3pm on Saturday, and I’ve just managed to pull on pants to go make myself a cup of coffee. Life would be so much easier if I lived on my own (ie. no pants).

I feel like I have a Scandal hangover. I watched the first season and 2 episodes of the second season yesterday.

I’m still nervous about blogging. I’ve searched Pinterest for help on getting started, but everything I’ve come across has been “how to make money blogging” “blog prompts for writer’s block”,  “what I wish I’d known before I started blogging”. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to advice on how to make 6 figures blogging, but this isn’t what I’m looking for. A lot of the links talk about finding your blog’s niche, ie. are you going to blog about fashion? Beauty? Something related to your career?

It’s now quarter after 4 and I’m debating deleting this altogether and starting my laundry and continuing to watch Scandal. What I desperately want is some food, but my little sister has taken my car to work and I live on a steep hill, which means that I can walk down to the store, but no way am I going to be able to walk back up.

I think I’ll hit publish and go brush my teeth instead.


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